Through The Wall units


Through the wall air conditioners are like similar to window air conditioners. The only difference is that thru the wall air conditioners are placed through a hole on the wall. Like the window air conditioner, thru the wall air conditioner are electrical appliances that regulate the temperature of an enclosed space or room. This type of air conditioning device is the most common type. It is commonly found on offices and homes.

Another variant of this electrical device is the cool/heat thru-the-wall air conditioners. It has the same features of a typical air conditioner although this type of thru the wall air conditioner (or more known as “thru the wall AC”) can also be used during cold season or winter. Instead of just lowering the temperature of the room, the cool/heat thru-the-wall air conditioner can also increase the room temperature depending on the level the user programs the air conditioning unit.

Thru the wall AC works just like any other type of air conditioning unit. It utilizes refrigeration cycle as a technique of lowering the temperature of a room. To explain further, evaporation and condensation methods are used in this system. In order to cool down a room, the air conditioning unit begins by transforming cool low pressured gas into warm and high pressured gas vapors. The warm gas then passes through a series of coils where it is then diffused with its heat scattered thereby cooling it. This will then transform the gas into liquid and is then passed through an expansion value which will then turn it into cold vapor.

The cold vapor is then again vented out through another set of coils. A blower or fan expels this cold vapor into the room. Once cold vapor is scattered into the room it will then absorb the warm air. The cold vapor is then sucked it the unit through a filter thereby cycling the whole process over again. This continuous cycle eliminates the heat from of the room. The ambient air is then cooled off for circulation.

Thru the wall ACs have vents located on both ends of the unit in order that the air inside the room is blown in and out by the blower of the unit. The outdoor vent of the air conditioner acts like a heat sink. Thru the wall AC regulate and control the temperature of the room through a control device; in most cases through an infrared remote control device.

Choosing the appropriate thru the wall air conditioner is important in order for the air conditioner to be efficient. The cooling capability of a typical air conditioner is measured by BTU or British Thermal Unit. A single BTU is needed to increase the temperature of one pound of water by a degree. It is important to remember that the correct size of a thru the wall conditioner is vital in the efficiency of an air conditioner. Operating a small air conditioner on a large room is uneconomical. Always choose the appropriate size of an air conditioner based on the area of the room. Rooms with an area of 350 square feet are suitable for air conditioners that have a cooling capability of 8,000 BTUs. Remember, the larger the room the higher the BTUs.

Thru the wall ACs are more economical than central air conditioners if you only needed to cool down one or two rooms. It is always nice staying on a room that is cooled by an air conditioner, especially during hot summer days. So if you feel like having an air conditioner, why not opt for a thru the wall air conditioner. Having these appliances creates a comfortable environment both on our homes and at work.

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