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Have you been experiencing problems with your AC, where your system is blowing warm air instead of cold air on hot summer days? Are your AC vents putting up weak airflow? If yes, then your AC needs some tune-up done. We are an AC tune-up Brooklyn company, providing affordable services to people so that their home’s cooling system is providing optimal performance during the hot Brooklyn summer days.

Getting your air conditioner tuned up has several benefits, apart from extending your AC’s lifetime. As a leading ac tune-up Manhattan company, we will ensure that our servicing team utilizes modern tools and technology for the job and the AC parts. We will change all the AC parts that are worn out from frequent use over time. When we are doing an air conditioner tune-up in your home, we will adhere to industry standards to avoid any accidents. We also stay updated with new AC brands in the industry and figure out the working mechanisms of the system so that we can handle the AC tune-up of new systems too.

The air conditioner tune-up service includes

  • Checking of refrigerant level and motor amp draws
  • Checking of washable filters & rinse
  • Analysis of motor operating temperature
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil indicated by temperature splits
  • Cleaning of the condenser coil
  • Checking the air filter and installing client-supplied filters
  • Inspection of the condensate drain
  • Checking of unit input voltage and current
  • Evaluating the compressor’s load amperage rate
  • Analyzing unit refrigeration pressures, temperatures, and refrigerant charge
  • Checking indoor air quality products

As an AC tune-up Brooklyn company providing 360° AC tune-up services, we will do a thorough condenser coil cleansing to increase the efficiency of your AC system. The cleaning will help reduce the cost of your energy bills and the wear and tear on the AC unit. We will also evaluate the coolant level in your system to increase the system’s performance and reduce friction and wear, which can increase your energy costs.

Our AC Tune-Up Manhattan services are available for all residents and commercial properties in Manhattan. If you are experiencing dramatic fluctuations in room-to-room temperatures, it is a sign to get your annual AC tune-up. Most people wait until they encounter a problem with their AC to get the tune-up; however, many experts believe that it is best to get one tune-up every year if you have an AC system. If you have an HVAC system, getting a tune-up before summer and one before winter can dramatically enhance your system’s performance and extend its lifetime.

Most AC tune-up companies will run a complete system check-up on your thermostat during their tune-up process. They will also inspect the ductwork for possible energy loss and the electrical connections to verify the safety of your system. It is always good to hire a company like New Cool Air because they have trained professionals who can identify even the simplest wear and tear in your AC unit.