Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners(PTAC)

Get the most out of your AC in commercial properties with our wide range of PTAC services

If you have commercial property like hotels, office buildings, assisted living facilities, or anything that requires high-power ACs, packaged terminal air conditioners will reduce your energy bills and increase their efficiency. As one of the leading AC service providers in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we offer a wide range of PTAC-related services. We have trained professionals to handle every major and minor issue with your commercial-grade packaged terminal air conditioning units, from installing to replacing the units.

How cost-effective are they?

Because PTAC units are typically installed in rooms with a wall leading directly to the outside, they don’t require ductwork, which can substantially reduce both the installation cost and the amount of space needed for installation. However, they are typically less efficient than central air conditioning systems, which increases their cost over time.

What is the best climate for PTAC air conditioners?

Moderate climates are best suited for PTAC air conditioners. Severe cold or hot weather will overwork the unit, compromising its efficiency.


  • Inexpensive to purchase per unit Because PTAC Air Conditioners are purchased on a per-room-needed basis, you need only buy the units one at a time.
  • Inexpensive to operate Because PTAC Air Conditioners are self-contained units that heat each room individually, you only use the amount of energy that it takes to heat or cool a room unlike other heating systems, such as central heat and air that heat or cool an entire house.
  • Energy Efficient You won’t waste energy by heating/cooling rooms that are not being used.


Purchasing can be costly if buying several units at a time to heat/cool the entire house. PTACs are often noisier than comparably powerful mini-split air conditioners. Which companies make PTAC Air Conditioners?

There are several reasons if you are wondering why you should install Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning Units in your commercial properties instead of the regular ductless mini-split.

  1. Optimal air temperature: One of the best things about PTAC over ductless mini splits is that depending on your requirements for optimal air temperature, you will be able to choose from a single centralized system or a complex and energy-efficient unit. Depending on your budget and whether you would be using it in your office, warehouses, or other industrial or construction sites, we will help you decide which unit will fit your requirements the best.
  2. Simple installation: Unlike other Ac units, PTAC requires ductwork, making it easy to install. It also makes no noise while operating, making it comfortable to use in offices, hotels, and assisted living facilities, where people need their silence.
  3. Increased efficiency: Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are energy-efficient, with EER (energy efficiency ratio) around 12 in cooling mode. With a PTAC, you will be able to save 30% on your energy bills.

These are a few reasons why commercial properties prefer installing PTAC over ductless mini-split AC units.

When you have a PTAC system that is used quite often, you might run into some issues over time. While PTACs are often considered affordable, it is not sustainable to install a new system every time a small problem arises. In such cases, the best course of action is to contact a professional AC servicing company like New Cool Air will help you repair and even replace the defective components.

When repairing a PTAC, it is advisable to hire a professional team instead of trying to fix it yourself. Professionals have the required experience, tools, and certification to fix the issues and make your system as good as new. We will also be able to accurately diagnose the problem with your system because of our training and fix it before you experience full system failure.

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