Hazardgard SH20M30B

Quick Specs

  • TypeAir Conditioner
  • StyleWindow/wall Air Conditioner
  • Width25 15/16″
  • Height17 15/16″
  • Depth29″
  • Energy Star RatedNo
  • Cooling Power19000 BTUs


For more than 30 years, industrial professionals have trusted Hazardgard to deliver safe and reliable cooling in the most extreme conditions. Hazardgard is specifically designed to cool laboratories, control rooms, living quarters, storage areas and other enclosures situated in hazardous locations; where specific volatile flammable liquids or gases are handled or used within enclosed containers or systems.

Performance in Extreme Conditions

Hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor is cooled during the refrigeration cycle, which allows the unit to tolerate higher outdoor temperatures up to 130 F/55 C. Equipped with hot gas bypass for cooling operation at low ambient temperatures, down to 45 F/7 C without freezing.

Durability & Reliability

Robust engineering, commercial grade components and extensive field testing provide the durability and safety required in hazardous locations.

Meets T4 Temperature Classification

Unit surface temperatures will not rise above 275°F/135°C. Hazardgard can tolerate higher outdoor temperatures up to 130°F/55°C. Unit will operate at low ambient conditions without freezing at outdoor ambient temperatures as low as 45°F/7°C.

Coated Coils for Corrosion Resistance

ElectroFin 5-stage, immersion ecoat process, or Diamonblue Advanced Corrosion Protection on 100% of metallic surfaces on the outdoor coil provides outstanding corrosion resistance protection and extends the life of the unit, especially in coastal or corrosive environments. MODEL SH24N30A ONLY.

The Friedrich Advantage

Hazardgard’s reliable design is backed by robust engineering. Used across the globe, Hazardgard is a tested and reliable product and not a quick-fix, job shop alteration.


Hazardgard is designed with a slide-out chassis for more permanent installation and easier access for maintenance. Sleeve dimensions have remained the same for 20+ years for easy replacement. The unit installs in a window or through-the-wall.